Natural. Why should you make the switch?

I’m sure many of you are thinking why should I switch to natural products? What’s the benefit for me? My family? My pets? Most natural products seem more expensive so why should I pay more?

Simply because opting for natural products gives you some control over the number of chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis that are not in our control. From city living, to pollution to processed foods, we are exposed to thousands of chemicals each day without even realising or being able to do anything about it. So why inflict your body, home and family to more chemicals than need be.

Did you know that the beauty industry is relatively unregulated which means manufacturers can put almost anything they like in their products. There are thousands of chemicals in personal care products with only a small percentage of these chemicals ever being tested for safety in cosmetics. It’s quite scary when you think about it.

A great place to start is what goes in your mouth. Switching to clean, or mostly clean, eating will not only do your skin a favour but your wallet as well. It will also give you more energy. More energy and cash, who isn’t after that! Many of you may have already started without realising. From opting for a fresh piece of fruit instead of a muffin for afternoon tea, a salad or home cooked meal instead of takeaway or frozen pizza or a fresh juice instead of a preservative and sugar laden soft drink. And for those of you that have babies, opting to boil or steam some fresh veggies instead of buying baby food. 

Next is the your bathroom cabinet. While it would be great, there is no need to throw everything out and replace with natural products. Start gradually, once you finish your body lotion or shampoo replace them with a natural alternative.

Cleaning products are also full of toxic chemicals and are harmful to everyone in your household from partner to children and pets. If you have children like mine, who lick and roll on the floor they are effectively licking whatever you have used to clean that particular surface with. And if you turn to the ingredient list of what you used, it may sound like a chemistry lesson and frighten you.

So switching to a more alternative cleaning approach will certainly protect those delicate growing bodies you have licking your sofa and floor! Or make your own if budget is an issue like my mum does.

So go on make a small step today towards a more natural and less toxic lifestyle. You can start by checking out the range at 



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