Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post.

I’m Niki, the founder of Emporium of Natural, and proud to be a wholly owned and operated Australian start-up that was born over the summer of 2016/17 from my passion about a less toxic and healthier lifestyle.

Emporium of Natural is a community where we can all make a small yet positive step towards a more natural and less toxic lifestyle. A community where you can learn about a more natural way of life and a destination where your action to shop with us can help give back to the community through a charitable rewards program (more on this later).

Thinking about it, a more natural way of living has always been around my European upbringing. Starting with the way my mum would cook and clean. Mum would, and still does, almost always cook from scratch, i.e. clean eating (even though she is a little heavy handed on the olive oil!) and often makes her own cleaning solutions with vinegar or eucalyptus oil. She is also a fan of lemon for an all-round cure of absolutely anything from a mosquito bite to a cold!

Since I was young I have loved pampering myself with all sorts of beauty and skincare products. I'm also a big believer and advocate on the positive effect clean eating and exercise have on your body. This ranges from how you look  to more importantly, how you feel. Eating well and exercising can positively effect you in many ways.

Given that some of the products we put on our body eventually make their way into our body and bloodstream it makes sense that what we put on our body also has an effect on how we look and feel. We should also be more aware of what is in these products, especially since the cosmetics industry is unregulated. Most large scale manufacturers use many synthetic low cost ingredients because it is cheaper than using quality ingredients.

So I guess my upbringing and interests have led me to this point.

So thanks for reading, take a look around, and remember small positive changes all contribute to helping you feel good, be the best version of yourself so you can have your best day ever.

Niki x

Founder & Director




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