Jojoba Oil

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The finest moisturising oil, it's odourless, natural, non-greasy, and extremely stable. It can be used as a facial, body moisturiser, hair treatment or massage oil. It doesn't break down when exposed to water or oxygen and, a natural carrier of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant; it is an extremely efficient non-comedogenic moisture regulator, penetrating the skin and hair to moisturise without blocking the pores.

Ageing is closely related to the state of elasticity of the skin. As we get older this elasticity progressively decreases. Jojoba is extraordinarily rich in 'insaponifiables’, substances that can actually increase dermal elasticity. Great for moisturising dry ends of hair follicles to improve the health and lustre of hair strands.

Australian Jojoba Oil. Why?

Its unique chemical makeup mimics the sebum naturally present on human skin, it is a liquid wax. Pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba’ is extracted from the seeds of a bush that is grown in Australia and is a perfect plant for Australia as it needs virtually no water or pesticides.


Australian Jojoba Oil | Pump lid | Recyclable bottle | Chemical free | Cold Pressed

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Cold pressed Australian Grown Jojoba. Grown without pesticides or chemicals.