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Magnesium Oil Spray - Lavender & Rosemary

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A traditional calming fusion of herbal rosemary and the soft, floral notes of Lavender.

Why Magnesium Oil?

  • It’s easily assimilated by the body and your skin will absorb as much as it needs

  • Being delivered through the skin it becomes directly available to the muscular systems that require magnesium to function

  • It’s easily used by massaging it into the skin or adding it to your bath water

Experts agree that 80% of industrialised nations are Magnesium deficient, which may be detrimental to health.  


How to use

For pain-relief or cramping use directly to the area.

For stress-relief use on the base of your neck or temples

For a great nights sleep, use on tops of feet before bed.




Magnesium Oil, Essential oils of Tasmanian Lavender & Spanish Rosemary