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Jade Facial Roller

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A Chinese tradition dating back centuries, Jade facial rollers are a renowned anti wrinkle tool to enhance a youthful appearance. 

In the same way that your body benefits from a massage, a Jade facial roller promotes circulation, reduces puffiness, clears toxins from the skin, tones muscles in the face, and stimulates blood flow to give a youthful appearance. They also help the active ingredients of your serum, hydrator or moisturiser soak in better and work more effectively. You can now have that salon facial glow at home. 

Jade is a gemstone believed to promote wisdom, relieve anxiety, lighten emotional anguish and never allows negative energy to affect an individual and emits a cleansing and calming aura.  

How to use

Always massage in an upwards motion starting at the neck working your way up to your forehead. 

Use 3 - 4 times per week.

Can be used in the morning around the eyes to reduce puffiness. 

Jade roller can also be kept in the fridge for an extra burst at reducing puffiness.



Jade and brass